World's Fastest Speed Reading Page

Reading at 500 -1000 -2000 ?? words per minute.

How fast can you read reviews on speed reading books? Do they tell you anything on how to read? Some say they are great and they increased their reading from 250 wpm to 500. Send your check now. P.S. You can send a check to this site also. Email for the instrustions.

  • #1 Goal of reading - What do you need to get
  • #2 Preview the reading - Check the index for interesting or not interesting to advoid parts
  • #3 Active reading plans - Look for key ideas - simplify the ideas - tell your self what it says
  • #4 Read one line - 2, 3, 4 or more lines. left to right, right to left, bottom of page to top. Try different ways and different speeds.
  • #5 Write down the main points you learned. Always quiz your self on what you learn.
  • #6 Web Page flashing. or Flip fast thru books- Flash pages at a time.
  • #7 Eye patching
  • #8 Reading without hearing the words. Break the Sound barrier.
  • #9 Ants, Puzzles, and Flowers- Hypnosis ideas that teach how to learn.
  • #10 Comprehension areas 800wpm (80%), 2000 (60%), 6000+ (40%?)
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