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    RYAN'S CHANNEL - https://bit.ly/2ExFwII Music in this video by - https://soundcloud.com/philipemorris2019-05-21T06:43:44+00:00Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment


    dd pop-up MAY 18+19 2019 11AM-7PM 368 Broadway NYC 10013 video song - https://spoti.fi/2WNXajX Shawn Mendes song - https://shawnmendes.lnk.to/IfICantHaveYou2019-05-21T02:26:25+00:00come to 368.


    Go to https://NordVPN.com/casey to get 75% off a 3 year plan and use code CASEY for an additional month free. and a big Thankyou to Nord for sponsoring my video. music by - www.davidcuttermusic.com2019-05-19T15:19:23+00:00i'M Leaving NYC forever..


    if you aren't familiar with John Singleton learn a little about him in his own words; on Oprah in 1991 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TbutyQ9qdM on the set of Poetic Justice in 1995 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFQx1aslPL8 talking about cinema in 2012 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HYUtkrq1Xg on the Breakfast Club in 2017 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z812ElHCas2019-05-17T14:19:25+00:00Remembering John Singleton


    sources; WaPo https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/03/29/share-americans-not-having-sex-has-reached-record-high/?utm_term=.fac1c9267004 http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-young-men-having-less-sex-due-to-gaming-streaming-and-social-media-20190402 MUSIC; http://smarturl.it/jordynedmonds2019-05-17T16:31:27+00:00NOT GETTING ANY.. a discussion


    THANK OYU JESSE FOR THE STUDIO! - https://www.youtube.com/jesse Music by; http://smarturl.it/tgkcninja https://soundcloud.com/wallacbeats www.soundcloud.com/kaizerwolf2019-05-17T16:36:07+00:00THE FIRST Galaxy Fold


    music - http://smarturl.it/venturamusix and http://smarturl.it/French79OlympicDV2019-05-17T18:28:01+00:00MANIPULATED, TRICKED, BRAINWASHED.. moving past a social media addiction


    Thanks for coming by Jimmy! i really enjoyed the talk. Mr. Beast -- https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBeast6000 intro beat - Weasilboy- https://soundcloud.com/weasilboy2019-05-20T17:32:15+00:00$2 MILLION in 12 months, the price of Mr. Beast's success


    MUSIC - SLOVE: http://smarturl.it/SloveLeTouch Fletcher Beadon - https://soundcloud.com/fletcher How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain -- https://nyti.ms/2NnwRgz The NBA's happiness crisis -- https://bit.ly/2O0oHLq2019-05-20T17:09:13+00:00Goodbye Social Media.


    WHAT THE FIT - https://youtu.be/OLx8YfIUO7g Music by - www.davidcuttermusic.com2019-05-20T17:06:26+00:00im a lifeguard now.


    this is the NYT article. its a great read. (i have no relationship with the journalist or the publication) https://nyti.ms/2NimgU5 music - http://smarturl.it/venturamusix first we feast (BURGER SHOW!) - https://www.youtube.com/user/FirstWeFeast2019-05-20T16:53:05+00:00Being RICH vs Being POOR - a video essay


    Thanks SeatGeek for sponsoring the vid. for $20 off your first SeatGeek purchase, code: CASEY https://sg.app.link/casey (restrictions apply) MUSIC by; Jordyn Edmonds https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds IncontroL - https://soundcloud.com/incontrol Alex Delfont - https://soundcloud.com/acomplicatedman Weasilboy- https://soundcloud.com/weasilboy Andy Applepie - https://soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie2019-05-20T16:25:45+00:00IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!


    Thanks SeatGeek for sponsoring the vid. for $20 off your first SeatGeek purchase, code: CASEY https://sg.app.link/casey Music by; Mass flow - https://soundcloud.com/massflowofficial Noa Silver - https://soundcloud.com/noasilver2019-05-19T16:59:58+00:00ONE LAST ATTEMPT..


    here's your free food. there are only 5,000 so apologies in advance if they run out. super nice gesture though - https://www.bkmakesitright.com/ music by Weasilboy- https://soundcloud.com/weasilboy learn more about the 2 great charities i mentioned; Make A Wish Foundation - https://beta.wish.org/ Boys and Girls Club of America - https://www.bgca.org this video is NOT a paid advertisement.2019-05-20T17:24:06+00:00BURGER KiNG Fights back (this is not an ad)


    PEEP THE ADOBE VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z2_ceIyNXg&t=3s amazing French music by - KUMISOLO - http://hyperurl.co/Kumisolo interview with Graham about one of his companies - https://medium.com/the-hum/finding-the-extraordinary-in-the-ordinary-an-interview-with-graham-veysey-of-mancan-wine-dfe13a24c63a2019-05-20T16:00:04+00:00Bros Tho.