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    Walter's Pictures

    Robbie Walter below is next to his dad(Glenn Walter) who is also my brother. Is my brother worried Britney may take his son? Well, see the Picture Below! Is Britney worried, Maybe! 
    Robbie(Click Me to find out about JUDO glenn Britney Spears
    Robbie Walter and His Dad Glenn Walter
    Britney Spears

    This is a version of my buying and selling site. It is free.

    The below picture is an image map to chess clubs but only in Microsoft Explorer

    scchess association Rock Hill Chess Club Greenville Chess Club Charlotte Chess Club

    south carolina chess

    South Carolina Chess

    shernaz kenndy

    Shernaz Mistry Kenndy A strong chess playing women

    a first pres baby

    First Pres was a fun church. Babies really control our lives.

    John Sr.(Columbia,S.C. Weather Click Me) John JR.(3x Web sites(click Me)


    The Purvis Family have been strong backer's. John,John, and Danny.

    Robbie and Prom date

    My Brother may not be worried about Britney but what about this girl?

    Glenn is watchingRobbie is around Mary is looking for Robbie


    Robbie can ski

    strickly running in five points

    Strictly Running in 5 points is a hot running site. Here is one of the owners.

    us womens champtionship

    The United States Women's Championship

    Email: cwalter@hotmail.com

    Thanks Siegg.com


    World Chess

    Walter's Mood Control(This will change the background

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