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    Search Schools Federal Government Business Links HTML Links Friends Writing Books

    Search Sites and Data

    Trip Advisor  This will help you plan your trip
    The Reference Desk  This has a lot of data.
    Lots of Search Engine Links(UK)
    All Search Engines  This has about any thing you might want.
    Searchenginewatch  This is all you want to know about search engines and more.
    Moreover is a news search engine for every topic.
    A good Search Site for any information
    Human Search.com If you can't find it. This is a guide to almost all interest.
    Gophers  Well gophers all almost gone but there are a few left.
    Topology.org( I just like this site)


    Midlands Tech College  Midlands Tech is where I got my AA in Computer Technology.
    USC(Columbia,S.C.)   I was a Math Major at USC. I loved Math and took a lot of Math Classes.
    I had a 4.0 in Calculus 1,2,3,4 and Differential Equations. Not Bad!!
    I even scored a perfect 100 on one test in Calculus II.

    Fed Government

    This is a link to most government Information

    Business Links

    The Business Game will help you learn how to run a Business. Pets was my first success.
    The Business Game

    HTML Links

    Web Monkey -The place to build web sites

    Writing Books



    Advertisement Page


    Danny Purvis is one of my oldest Friends. This is his site.
    World Game of Sprouts Association

    John Purvis is one of the smartest People in the world. Johns Haha's Consulting Email
    Hahn Consulting(John's Consulting Home)

    Bob Coble Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina

    Margaret B. Seymour is a Senior Judge of the United States District Court.
    Margaret is an old running friend. She could run 20 + miles a time.
    She was the first Black women in SC to become a District Judge.
    She had to be picked by the president of the US at the time.
    Margaret B. Seymour
    Picture of Margaret B. Seymour

    Edsel A. Pena's is a Statistics Professor at USC and another Chess Friend
    Edsel Pena's Site

    Pani Wickramasinghe is also a Chess Friend That Does Networks, Programming, and More.
    Pani's Geocities Site

    Jay King is a good friend. His band is the Atlantic Coastline Band. They have been all over the world.
    Atlantic Coastline Band

    Michael C. Adams is an old friend from PMSC.
    Michael Adams

    David Sumner is an old chess friend and one of my former Math Teachers.
    David Sumner

    Henry White is a Chess Friend and his site is the South Carolina State Chess Association
    Henry White's South Carolina Chess

    Jesse Worked with me at Selecton on the CISCO Line. He knows a lot on Networking and Computers. If you need Computer work/Networking/Wireless done you can email him here.
    (Email) Jesse E. Gardner

    I went to school with Grade, Junior, High School with Alton Brant - He is one of the experts on People with hearing problems. He is now a professor at Clemson University.
    Alton Brant

    Ex Jobs

    Call Tech needed help but I could not seem to help them.
    They are the backbone of support for Bellsouth DSL.
    It was still PMSC and not CSC when I was here. The building and most of the people are the same.
    I was a big time CICS, Cobol Programmer at PMSC. This was the job I had worked for so many years.
    I was a contractor at the DSS under Jim Manning.
    The DSS was where I learned what it was like to be a government employee.
    Kelly Services
    I worked at Selectron and was a sub school Teacher For Kelly.
    I had a lot of interesting Students. I had a band class that was really smart.
    They never even knew just how smart they were. One class was of people that were in real bad shape.,br> They could not even dress them self's. They needed a lot of love.
    Rest of my classes were just going through school. Kelly was real cool though.
    I got to meet a lot of people that were real interesting.
    I also worked for Selectron two times for Kelly.
    They both helped me learn that I could do a lot of things if I would only try.
    I really liked all of the people I met at Selectron. It was a Win Win Solution.

    Other Links

    IDRIVE (If you need free space to save your files on the net try this

    A One Man Software Company in Columbia, S.C.

    Another Software Company in Columbia, S.C.

    A One Woman Company in Columbia, S.C.

    Wingard Graphics

    Frames but someinterting ideas.

    How to build a PC Tomshardware(Motherboards) Madonion.com(Motherboards)

    VNC (Log into any computer with this tool. This is almost as powerfule as PC Anywhere.)
    Lost Password Recovery for Windows NT
    Top Reviews on Computer Products from Australia
    This guy is in Australia but he is a very high expert computers. I do not always agree with him but he has a lot of information here.

    Links I have to have

    Road Runner in Columbia South Carolina Belarc Adviosr (Tells All about your computer)
    Flashing Asus Boards
    Meetup(Start Clubs)
    Superpages.com CitySearch
    Yelp InsiderPages
    Local Yahoo.com Yellow Book
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