Slide Show Help Section

Clicking the Slide show checkbox or the start button will start the show.

Putting a number in the textbox will start the show on that number link.

The show will set a default 30 seconds and open a new window.
You can change that number either before or during the show. It will change the speed of the show.

It will load all links on the page in that window. The only way to stop it is to either close the main window or uncheck the check box or use the stop button

You can change the default and it will change the speed on the fly. This is mostly for very fast Internet and very strong pc's. If you have a week pc you should set longer times and not go under 30 sec.

You can also click the new window button. It adds a new window and changes to the window being loaded. You can now use the drop down to change windows back without having to create a new window.

But the slide show will open extra windows sometimes. I can not control the extra windows. But I think they are the new default window.
Faster speeds are harder also. 30 seconds and longer are easiest to control. If it gets out of control, either close the main window or uncheck the
slide show checkmark or hit the Stop Show Button.

Even if you close the new window on the show it will reopen unless you uncheck
the slide show check mark or hit the stop show button. They are the same.

The new window feature will open new windows and set them as the default The drop down can change back to any window but sometimes the system will open extra windows on its own
I can not control that. The slide show is probably too much over all. Just remember to either close the main window or uncheck the check box, The safest things are just the turn on new window check mark on the second row. The mouse over is also harder.

You can also start the show from any number. Just type the number on the box on the far right. That way you can stop anywhere and start back at that spot when you want.

Note: It is possible to run many slide shows at one time. Example. Start one slide show in one window. Let the show start in a different tab. Do the same on 2,3 monitors. Next: You can also do it on a laptop. Change to the page showing the show. If you want to stop any show just click tab to main page and click start. You can restart from any page. Logged in Members Only- Set up you own show. For this you must log in. On the left side it says setit. This will clear the screen and add a form. Drop you links in the form and Click submit. This will number your short cuts and now you can run your own show. Do not drop in full web pages. Just drop in a set of links. Accounts will be closed for misuse. An advanced version of slide show is open for members only. Information on it will be on this page for logged in Members.
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