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    Walter's Consulting Services

    XP is Mostly Gone but I can support it if needed.
    I can support Windows 7, 8, 8.1,9(?),10, etc., Linux.

    Email Walter's Consulting for IT issues. Software, Hardware,
    Programming, web, etc.

    1. Joolma, Drupal,DotnetNuke(DNN), .net, ASP,PHP,JSP,JAVA,C#,VB,Python,Regular Expressions,SQL Server, Access, Java Script, JQuery, AJAX all are things I Can support.
    2. Also Angular.JS,XML,XSL,Oracle Database, SqlServer, DB2, Java Database, SQL - All issues.
    3. PC Software - Can Log into your system from anywhere and help you set up Your system
    4. Software Training - Find out how to get that software to work right.
    5. Database Design - SQL, Tables, Relationnal Databases:
    6. Web Design - What software should we use? What Server? Shared? Cloud? Standalone? Operating System
    7. ASP.net, Classic ASP, PHP, Java, Java Script, C#, VB, Perl, Python, Servlets, MVC, MVC4, ASPX, etc.
    8. Chess Lessons - Learn how to beat everyone at Chess. Learn what is important?
      Children or adults. From anywehere in the world.
    9. BlindFold Chess. - I do that also. :);
    10. Email Walter Consulting for all questions.
    11. Can also help with Linux Problems - Both Desktop and Server.
    12. Windows XP - All Issues
    13. Windows 7, 8, 8.1,9,10, etc., Linux - All Versions.
    14. Hard Drives - Regular and SSD
    15. Set up online Stores
    Click- To send Walter's Consulting a message.

    Web Design - Databases - Planning - Speed -
    SQL Server, DB2, MYSQL, C, C++,Python, Regular Expressions

    Reports - Keep track of profits or losses and see where the problem is located.
    This is software dependent.
    PC Repair  Build and repair,install, troubleShoot PC's.
    This is local only.
    Windows XP,7,8, Linux, Debian, Backtrack, Ubuntu, Lion, Mountain Lion
    Email For Questions
    Troubleshoot Problems
    Fix all Web, PC issues from anyplace in the world.