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    Non Ethanol Gas Stations in Columbia, South Carolina

    No Ethanol-gas-stations
    No Ethanol-Gas-Stations-SC
    Close Gas Stations Columbia UNBRANDED 92 CityGas 1301 Bush River

    Columbia EL CHEAPO 87 89 93 El Cheapo 4701 N. Main St

    Columbia UNBRANDED 87 89 92 El-Chepo Percival Rd

    Columbia EXXON 87 89 93 Kwik Way #4 6230 Bush River Rd

    Columbia CITGO 87 90 93 Leesburg Convenience 1704 Leesburg Road

    Columbia MARATHON 90 Gas Express [803-754-5464] 5102 Two Notch Rd

    Columbia UNBRANDED 87 Gaz Bah #3 [803-255-0872] 3923 W Beltline Blvd

    Columbia SHELL 89 93 Hb Mart [803-783-8828] 1625 Leesburg Rd

    Columbia 7-11 87 Hickory Point [803-736-3556] 101 Lee Rd

    Columbia UNBRANDED 87 89 93 Main St Gas [803-765-2096] 3321 N Main St

    Columbia SHELL 87 Pitt Stop [803-779-1640] 2020 Bluff Rd

    Columbia BP 89 Sharpe Shoppe [803-736-8564] 1000 Longtown Rd

    Columbia UNBRANDED 87 Tucker Oil [803-254-4806] 1001 Idlewilde Blvd

    Rosewood Market 20% Sale

    On : Rosewood Market will have a 20% off on most things except the deli. Just Tell the cashier that you have a 20% verbal coupon. You can sign up for a mailing list on their site for any secret sales like this.

    The store gives away a free magazine called Natural Awakenings. The magazine has the days of the 20% off sales.

    20% off days, while they very rarely do, are always subject to change.
    Rosewood Market in on Rosewood Drive close to Rosewood Shopping Center. This is their site --Rosewood Market
    Rosewood Daily Menu
    Rosewood Market was sold by Basil Garzia to Bryan Tayara( owner of Our Local Catch).
    Please see Rosewood Web Site for current policies.
    The last we heard Rosewood dropped the 5% discount program.
    The free WiFi is still there. Ask for password inside. Speed Tested 11MB Down and 1.5 MB up. with at least some outside access on the deck. Basil will still be on site for a while.

    A double click over Rosewood market will close rosewood and gas stations.
    Also the + on the keypad will also and ! will too.
    A ~ will make the marquee disappear.
    Today is Wednesday and its the secret 20% Sale at Rosewood. Don't forget your verbal coupon. They have a deck also!